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Georgia Milestones Information
Georgia Experience Online -  click the link
Georgia Milestones End of Grade Study Guides for Parents/Students - click the link
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Audition and arts class placement rubrics by discipline (dance, drama, vocal music, band, and orchestra)

Missing Work Policy

Homework: At DESA homework will be given for student practice and received feedback but a grade will not be placed in the gradebook for homework assignments. According to the K-12 Syllabus, homework assignments should be meaningful and should be an application or adaptation of a classroom experience. Homework is at all times an extension of the teaching/learning experience. It should be considered the possession of the student and should be collected, evaluated and returned to the students. Homework at DESA is intended to give a student the opportunity to practice skills as they work toward standards mastery. It is also a means of communication with families regarding standards students are expected to master. Problems from homework assignments can be given as classwork or an assessment the next day, especially if mastery is expected after repeated practice.  Projects are not considered homework. Classwork will not be sent home to finish as homework.
Gradebook categories are below: 
  • Formative and Diagnostic Assessments – 0% 
  • Classwork (Guided, Independent, and Group Practice) – 45%
  • Quizzes, Tests, and Projects – 30% 
  • Assessment Tasks (Skills & Homework) – 25% 
 Examples of items that are considered under the Assessment Tasks Category:  
  • Sponge & Warm Up 
  • Exit tickets    
  • Quiz    
  • Skills Assessment  
  • Notebook Checks 
  • Journal Prompts    
  • Discussions & Oral Presentations 

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