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Audition Requirements - Revised 1.9.17

Students auditioning to enter grades 4-7, must audition in two (2) of the following disciplines: dance, drama/theatre, instrumental music, vocal music, or visual arts. All students will participate in a brief interview during their audition. The audition requirements for each discipline are below.


  • Perform a 60-90 second dance selection in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, lyrical, or ethnic/cultural dance ONLY.  Liturgical, mime, or hip hop dance will not be scored.
  • Applicants must dress in proper dance attire NO COSTUMES:
  • Dance Shoes: Ballet, jazz, or tap dance shoes, or barefoot
  • Attire for Girls - Leotard, tights, convertible tights if dancing barefoot, and jazz pants or dance shorts if desired
  • Attire for Boys – Black sweat/jazz pants and a plain black or white t-shirt
  • Choreography should demonstrate the student’s technical ability and skill.
  • Music MUST be: Age appropriate and brought in on a CD, iPod, or downloaded on a cell phone on airplane mode. Music from YouTube cannot be used during the audition.
  • Students may be asked to define/demonstrate ballet terminology and technique/skills.


  • Students will be provided a piece for a cold read. The student must sustain characterization with a clear understanding and interpretation of the character selected. Theatrical cold reading is reading aloud from a script or other text with little or no rehearsal, practice or study in advance of the selected piece.
  • Students will be asked to improvise a scenario.

 Instrumental Music (Standard Band or Orchestra Instruments – NO PIANO)

  • Audition instruments: Recorder, woodwinds, brass, double reed, and percussion instruments, violin, viola, cello, and bass
  • Grades 4-7: Play a selection with or without accompaniment.  Music for accompaniment MUST be: Age appropriate and brought in on a CD, iPod, or downloaded on a cell phone on airplane mode. Music from YouTube cannot be used be used during the audition.
  • Grade 4: Play and read one pentachord in any key.
  • Grades 5-7: Play two (2) one-octave scales.

Visual Arts

  • Provide a portfolio with 3-5 pieces of work in at least two different mediums completed in the past two years.
  • Please do NOT submit any work on lined notebook paper.
  • The portfolio with 3-5 pieces of work must be submitted with application at the time the audition is scheduled.
  • Produce a still life drawing on site.

Vocal Music

  • Auditon Grades 4-7: Sing major arpeggio using solfège DO-MI-SOL-MI-DO
  • Audition Grades 4 and 5: Sing a five tone scale ascending and descending using solfège.
  • Audition Grades 6 and 7: Sing an eight tone scale ascending and descending using solfège.
  • Sing major arpeggio using solfège DO-MI-SOL-MI-DO
  • Audition Grades 4-7: Select one song from the list below. You may sing with or without accompaniment: Simple Gifts – Traditional Shaker Hymn, America the Beautiful – Traditional, or Dona Nobis Pacem – Traditional Canon

Interview: Students are interviewed as part of the audition process. Students should prepare to discuss their experience, goals, and knowledge of the disciplines and the piece(s) performed (vocabulary, genre, composer, author, artist, choreographer, etc.).

Please note: Auditions are closed. Parents and / or guests are not permitted in the audition area.
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